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Heading south

Great night on the shore, the sea as a lullaby, and even cookies for breakfast. Dad and Mum are spoiling me. Still… morning moisture is covering me. Will I ever get clean and dry? They must read my mind: a good shower at the gas station is all I need and here we go, before heading south!
We take the road along the coast, nearly empty and wilder. And guess what? We even manage to meet buddies locked in Foum Zguid with us! It’s a small world…
Sand on the tarmac: me LOVES it. The the road cuts across wadis and cracks on the sea: brackish waters, cliffs and birds. Hope “development” wont find them, too… And then Naila – the immense lagoon system. You just can’t believe there’s a desert behind your shoulders. Fishermen offer for a lift but we have to go. Tarfaya is our next destination. Now it’s time to spoil Mum and Dad with a carbonara and nice chats in the best camping so far.
Tomorrow: DAKHLA. Feels like home!


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Yepeeee… they told me we’re leaving today!!

Finally that awful rain is no longer coming down and the muddy water of the wadis is slowly soaked up by the desert (wonder where it’s going do end up!)
Mum and Dad have discussed quite a lot about the road to take and decided to make me follow two Toyota (me doesn’t like Toyota!). We start with a bit of shopping, water, bread, veggies and then go on a pist to go around the “bridge” (which collapsed because of the flooding). After a good 15 km … back on tarmac, all dry and sunny sunny (me LOVES this). But – damn – getting wet again. Guess who’s the lucky winner? MEEEE (sgrunt). Oook, Dad gets us across the wadi, up on a side diversion and down behind it. And that’s all of the bad stuff for today. Lots of km ahead of us – after 2 days stuck at Foum Zguid my family just can’t wait being in Dakhla so today straight to Tan Tan Plage. We arrive before dusk, a camping on the beach, love the smell from the sea, and this chilly breeze. Yep – me LIKES that. Dad lets me stay and takes Mum for dinner. Fried fish and cookiez (yummy). But now time to sleep. I’m a bit tired and tomorrow back on the road again. Tarfaya – here we come!


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