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Back on track!

So we are leaving Europe again! Just couldn’t wait!
The last few months have been hard, but after rain comes sunshine – and me likes the sun 🙂
I’m getting used to the Big Fast Ship – me likes that too. Not many buddies there but a couple of really nice oldies to share the trip with. Then straight to the South, with the usual happy stop over in Tarfaya.
Ehm… not without any bumps, though. All of a sudden I’ve got a gloppita gloppita liquidish noise from the gearbox. Mum and Dad got instantly worried and we stopped for a quick check in Guelmin. Good to have friends here and there around the globe – they said I’d just take it easy and come down in fourth gear. That’s not bad, when you’ve got a thousand km ahead of you at max speed 80 Km/h, but we’re never in a hurry!
It was a great journey, all long the way carpeted with blooms from the winter heavy rains. And then home. Dakhla, here we are (again). A puppy is waiting for us, but I need the doctor first. So here he is – I’m a bit scared… will it hurt?


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I must have been a really good girl: I got an entire beauty-farm day, and they put me back in shape.
Actually nearly 1000 km off-road on stones and sand, with wind and climbing up and down left the mark. My water pump was leaking a bit, a few km to the end of this segment I took a clearcut stone and one of my tire had to be changed, and even inside I was covered in sand and dust.
But Ahmed knows what to do and took us at Ali’s, who was waiting for us with a new pump and his entire team ready for me. They worked a whole day as you know, the more you get, the more you want – good to have a full check-up. But what a pleasure! They come from all over Morocco here to Zagora to pamper cars like me. To say it all, my family was pampered as well: breakfast, lunch, internet… Unbelievable, ever seen anything alike?
Great – Now I am ready for what comes next!


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