I must have been a really good girl: I got an entire beauty-farm day, and they put me back in shape.
Actually nearly 1000 km off-road on stones and sand, with wind and climbing up and down left the mark. My water pump was leaking a bit, a few km to the end of this segment I took a clearcut stone and one of my tire had to be changed, and even inside I was covered in sand and dust.
But Ahmed knows what to do and took us at Ali’s, who was waiting for us with a new pump and his entire team ready for me. They worked a whole day as you know, the more you get, the more you want – good to have a full check-up. But what a pleasure! They come from all over Morocco here to Zagora to pamper cars like me. To say it all, my family was pampered as well: breakfast, lunch, internet… Unbelievable, ever seen anything alike?
Great – Now I am ready for what comes next!


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