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Heading south

Great night on the shore, the sea as a lullaby, and even cookies for breakfast. Dad and Mum are spoiling me. Still… morning moisture is covering me. Will I ever get clean and dry? They must read my mind: a good shower at the gas station is all I need and here we go, before heading south!
We take the road along the coast, nearly empty and wilder. And guess what? We even manage to meet buddies locked in Foum Zguid with us! It’s a small world…
Sand on the tarmac: me LOVES it. The the road cuts across wadis and cracks on the sea: brackish waters, cliffs and birds. Hope “development” wont find them, too… And then Naila – the immense lagoon system. You just can’t believe there’s a desert behind your shoulders. Fishermen offer for a lift but we have to go. Tarfaya is our next destination. Now it’s time to spoil Mum and Dad with a carbonara and nice chats in the best camping so far.
Tomorrow: DAKHLA. Feels like home!


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Like the desert needs the rain

Fine enough – they fooled me. Must be like that.
“No worries, Pat. Soon we’re done with the rain. We take you to the South, in the desert, where your wheels can stay dry as long as you want!”. They said.
So why is it raining like hell since since yesterday? And what’s this? Rivers that cut off the road? In the desert????? Not to mention the thunderstorm we had tonight. BBBBRRRRRR. So we have to stay, right in the middle of nowhere, three roads out of three blocked by flooded wadi…
Ehm… hallo…. Sure you didn’t take the wrong turn again???!!!!


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I must have been a really good girl: I got an entire beauty-farm day, and they put me back in shape.
Actually nearly 1000 km off-road on stones and sand, with wind and climbing up and down left the mark. My water pump was leaking a bit, a few km to the end of this segment I took a clearcut stone and one of my tire had to be changed, and even inside I was covered in sand and dust.
But Ahmed knows what to do and took us at Ali’s, who was waiting for us with a new pump and his entire team ready for me. They worked a whole day as you know, the more you get, the more you want – good to have a full check-up. But what a pleasure! They come from all over Morocco here to Zagora to pamper cars like me. To say it all, my family was pampered as well: breakfast, lunch, internet… Unbelievable, ever seen anything alike?
Great – Now I am ready for what comes next!


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