4WD Pat

I was born in Solihull, UK on  November 12th 1999 – it took a while before I started crawling all over the German countryside (February 2000). In 2011 circumstances brought me in the Netherlands, a rather boring country for me – I am a Land Rover! I was born for a more diversified terrain! But wait… over there I finally met my new family (I LOVE THEM). They even named me PAT – big honor (find out more about the 3.5 legged Pat).

Things slowly went changing, they are taking good care of me and started to give me a unique shape. No more water leaking (well, ok… not always 😛 ) and gently but firmly they decided it was time to put my wheels on the desert sand and rocks. After a long preparation in April I moved my first step in Africa – LOVE IT!!!

Morocco was a great experience – no rain finally, hills, bends, mountains and passes, hamadas and reg, dunes, sand, an incredible experience north to south, east to west. I was happy there, but after a short while they had to bring me back in the rainy Netherlands…

But hey!!! …That´s not the end … more interesting news came up… we are moving…crossing Germany, Switzerland to Italy… oh dear… you can´t even imagine, again a nice place, warmer – yet too raining for my taste mmmhhhhh – it was supposed to be summer wasn’t it ?? … well I understood this is only a temporary staying… they want me to be back soon in the middle of a dusty road, with sand, dunes, rocks… we are going back to Africa!!!

We’ll leave soon, bits of preparation have been done and we are finally ready. A big ferry is waiting for us in Genoa but I must admit I would prefer to be on the upper deck with my family – don´t really like a smelly garage in the belly of a ship … I want to feel the sea, watch around, listen to other people’s and cars’ story and tell them about mine!

Guess what… ? I can’t stay on the upper deck – fine (FINE???!!!). But I can keep you updated on our slow tour, in this new life experience and adventure.

“As slow as possible, as fast as necessary” off road and in life 🙂

a slow tour adventure