The flying dog

One day dad & mom come with a furrythingy and say “Hi Pat, this is Dot – she’ll be our little pup from now on”. I was stunned. I love Lampe, the dog that named me (Pat-one). I was unsure – how should I treat this new … thing? Should I be nice and friendly, or stand for Lampe against the little furry intruder?

I guess she was somehow perplexed and timid, too. In the beginning she didn’t even dare to join dad & mom when prompted to jump in and leave all together. Annoying… !!! And cunning, too – dammit. Was it really unavoidable being sick every-and-single time at the first jump or bend? I mean… you know… not so nice to me indeed…

Then, step by step, we got to know each other better. Lampe gave a hand (one of the three good ones :-)) teaching her so many things, and also told me I am allowed to like Dot – he won’t take it bad. Dot got relaxed, too. She understood I’m trustworthy and, actually, now considers me her “mobile-couch”, a drivable home taking her in so many new places. No more need for dad & mom to prompt her and go. When we stop, my door stays open and Dot decides what to do, jumping in and out to explore the world or come back for a nap. I like cuddling here. Especially now that she’s no longer getting sick!!

She even proved to be a super dog herself (like Lampe): not any pup can fly from the second floor (how-did-you-do-it???!!!) with no consequence whatsoever! I guess someone gave a hand here as well (maybe more than one…). Good trick, for sure. But fine enough, ok? 🙂


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